Jungheinrich Italiana SRL

Integrated management of spare parts supply and special waste collection


Sector: Sales and servicing of forklifts.

Request: Improvement of spare parts procurement and waste management processes in support of maintenance technicians during the daily servicing on the vehicle fleets of Jungheinrich Italiana's customers.

Solution: Lindbergh first studied and subsequently implemented an integrated service of overnight spare parts and consumables delivery directly to on board the maintenance technician's vehicle, with simultaneous collection of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste whose management is precise responsibility of the technician, in full compliance with applicable legislation.

The parts are sorted within our facilities located throughout Italy and delivered on board the vehicles of the maintenance workers by 7:00 am the following morning, allowing the technical staff to be immediately operational and productive.

The integrated management of waste also allows us to guarantee a full service compliant with legislation, eliminating all downtime normally intended to activities not in line with the core business. The service is completed with centralised management of special waste produced within the different locations throughout the country.